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Featured Post

24th August 2015


It’s time to get back on the mic. A lot has happened since I last hit the road and there’s a full swag of energy that needs to be released. The songs from Petrified Heart serve a part of me pulling myself back together from the last set of tours so it’s going to be a hell ride taking them back into the belly of the beast of the stage.

I’ll be playing on my own as that is how these songs were created, dancing round to a whole lot of noise I trigger with my feet, it feels dangerous, emotive and loud in parts, how I like life to be really. It’ll be a whirlwind little run and I can’t wait to see how it all comes off.

Mikey Bee.


Sept 3 – Waywards – Sydney*
Sept 4 – The Foundry – Brisbane
Sept 17 – Ding Dong – Melbourne
Sept 25 – Beach Hotel – Byron Bay*

*Free entry


26th August 2015

MT WARNING When It All Bleeds Out remix by Miamitown - winner of the when it all bleeds out remix competition with pilerats

And the winner of the ‪When It All Bleeds Out remix competition is… [head over to Pilerats for the scoop and listen to the track here –]

REMIX ‘When It All Bleeds Out’ Thanks to MT and PILERATS
20th July 2015

When It All Bleeds Out remix competition

Collaboration makes all parts of life sweeter, and when you’re like me in a quiet country town, to find that jam can be tricky, so I’m putting out this idea asking for someone to remix, cover or rework my track When It All Bleeds Out / WIABO and in return I’ll cover, remix or rework one of their tracks in return. Welcome to the hermits guide for collaboration. M.

You’ve got 3 weeks to create a remix / rework or cover!

Get the stems and check all of the details over at the PILERATS site NOW.

Petrified Heart EP at iTunes worldwide today!
10th July 2015

++ Petrified Heart EP at iTunes now || ++

Petrified Heart is the first single from MT WARNING's latest EP Petrified Heart

Petrified Heart – it’s a letter, an apology, an affirmation and a commitment to love. Yep. A note of remembrance and celebration of that dire human trait… To create this EP I needed to be alone.  To make it real, it needs to be shared.

Petrified Heart EP Track Listing 
01 When It All Bleeds Out
02 Black Moon
03 I Want You To Be My Girl In This Century
04 Collapsed Collage
05 Petrified Heart

Hardwire Petrified Heart EP at iTunes now! 

United States ++ United Kingdom ++ New Zealand ++ Germany

Listen to “When It All Bleeds Out” from Petrified Heart EP  And the “Petrified Heart” Remix by JOY.

When It All Bleeds Out Official Video
7th July 2015


Watch When It All Bleeds Out official video at YouTube here.


One night I was scouring the web for inspiration for the song “When It All Bleeds Out”, I came across a performance by the French mime, Marcel Marceu. The video synced so well with the song and watching this strange old man quietly invoking his art had a huge impact on me and the lyric in the song. I love theatre, I see music as theatre in my own weird way, and I felt by becoming a character hidden with makeup that I could infuse my performance with something deeper, that I would have to dig deeper to bring the earnestness to the forefront. This video is about the eyes, those windows to the soul, and beyond the makeup, the paint, the 80’s diva performance, it’s just a guy searching for his own truth, pleading with his own eyes.

BTS_ (3 of 32)

When It All Bleeds Out + Video Premiere at The405
6th July 2015

When It All Bleeds Out video premiere at The405

It’s finally release week and the legends at the405 are premiering the video for “When It All Bleeds Out”.

Watch here at The 405 now.

++ Pre-order Petrified Heart EP at iTunes now || ++

Petrified Heart EP worldwide release this Friday, 10th July!

#petrifiedheartep #4daystogo